MASTERS OF DISGUISE – The Savage And The Grace

With their 2013 debut “Back With A Vengeance”, MASTERS OF DISGUISE filled the musical gap left behind by the demise of Savage Grace almost 30 years previously. Two years later the successor CD “The Savage And The Grace” was ready, building on its predecessor in classical style and which again is sure to set the pulses of speed freaks racing. The album again honours the true Speed Metal spirit of the Eighties without sounding antiquated or dusty. Classic US Speed Metal, taken another step upwards by several typical, fast Euro-Metal characteristics make the eleven tracks a real ride through speed hell.


  •  01. Judgement Day / 2:13
  •  02. The Enforcer / 3:39
  •  03. Conquering The World / 6:26
  •  04. Knutson II: (Only A Mother’s) Love Is Forever / 5:59
  •  05. Heavens Fall / 4:29
  •  06. New Horizons / 6:57
  •  07. Sins Of The Damned / 4:07
  •  08. The Scavenger’s Daughter / 3:42
  •  09. Barbarians At The Gate / 3:33
  •  10. War Of The Gods (Part I) / 6:46
  •  11. Hammerhead (Bonus Track) / 6:01

Total playing time 53:44

Video Album Trailer


  • In the musical footsteps of the US Metal legends Savage Grace.
  • Legendary speed/power metal mixture with cult character.
  • Impressive successor to their superb 2013 debut.
  • Masters of Disguise comprises of established musicians from bands such as Roxxcalibur, Abandoned and ex-Viron.
  • Increased live activities to promote the album, e.g. Tour with Omen in March 2015, etc…
20. February 2015
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“Unum” is a concept album, on which singer Dario Vallesi holds the sceptre as main character. He is supported in his singing role by internationally known vocalists Hansi Kürsch of BLIND GUARDIAN, Chris Bay (FREEDOM CALL), Maxi Nil (JADED STAR, ex-VISIONS OF ATLANTIS) as well as Mark Boals (MALMSTEEN, IRON MASK, RING OF FIRE), who sing the parts of other characters in the story. The songs, all highly melodic, do not sound overly polished, but the punchy sound blows your socks off. “Unum” stands for a strong mixture of Power and Folk, marked by superfast guitars, great choruses, bagpipes and lots of small finesses, which the listener will notice and register. All this makes VEXILLUM one of the top bands of the Italian scene, with an unmistakeable style of great power metal and folk elements.


  •  01. The Departure: Blow Away The Ashes / 6:46
  •  02. The Jester: Over The Clouds (Chris Bay from Freedom Call as The Jester) / 4:57
  •  03. The Sentenced: Fire And Blood (Hansi Kürsch from Blind Guardian as The Sentenced) / 5:39
  •  04. Lady Thief: What We Are (Maxi Nil from Jaded Star as Lady Thief) / 4:47
  •  05. The Hermit: Through The Mirror (Mark Boals from Ring of Fire as The Hermit) / 5:26
  •  06. The Way Back: The Clash Within / 5:01
  •  07. The True Beginning: Standing As One / 5:54
  •  08. Spunta La Luna Dal Monte (Tazenda) / 4:53
  •  09. Run Runaway (Slade) / 3:08

Total playing time 46:25

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  • Third album of the Italian band with renowned guests such as Hansi Kürsch of Blind Guardian, Chris Bay (Freedom Call), Mark Boals (Malmsteen, Iron Mask, Ring Of Fire) and Maxi Nil (Jaded Star).
  • Band of high musical individuality, which has created a style from power metal and Nordic folk elements.
  • European tours with e.g. Rhapsody Of Fire. Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody, Freedom Call and Orden Ogan.
16. January 2015
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ASTRALION – Astralion

The fact that ASTRALION comprises of former members of bands such as Olympos Mons, The Addication and HumanGod has the advantage that we have experienced musicians with a firm and clear target ahead of them. The musical direction of the Finns was influenced by bands such as Sonata Arctica, Thunderstone, Hammerfall, Stratovarius, early Blind Guardian and Y. Malmsteen. In a nutshell then we are talking about broad choruses, voluminous melodies, galloping guitar attacks as well as tactful, neo-progged 6-string inserts. Speed is an important characteristic of ASTRALION’s style, similar to early Sonata Arctica work but with higher melodic content. Yet on the other hand you cannot miss a touch of Teutonic-Metal a la Helloween. The motto of the band is very apt: “Forget the dragon, forget the sword, here’s true power from the chord!”


  •  01. Mysterious & Victorious / 5:22
  •  02. The Oracle / 5:34
  •  03. At The Edge Of The World / 4:11
  •  04. When Death Comes Knocking / 4:32
  •  05. We All Made Metal / 5:41
  •  06. Black Sails / 5:36
  •  07. To Isolde / 5:25
  •  08. Computerized Love / 5:26
  •  09. Mary (Bloody) / 6:05
  •  10. Five Fallen Angels / 5:14
  •  11. Last Man On Deck / 13:15

Total playing time 66:21

Video Album Trailer


Videoclip “At The Edge Of The World”


Videoclip “We All Made Metal”


  • Finnish band oriented stylistically towards bands such as Sonata Arctica, Thunderstone, Hammerfall, Stratovarius and early Blind Guardian.
  • All the musicians can look back on year-long experience with bands such as Olympos Mons, The Addication und HumanGod.
  • Expressive melodic Power Metal Hymns.
14. November 2014
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FIREWÖLFE – We Rule The Night

“We Rule The Night” sounds like a tribute to the great times of the Hollywood Strip and its countless legendary bands of the eighties, combined with musicianship of such an excellent class that is not often encountered. They have a lot of competition but FIREWÖLFE, featuring David Fefolt (Masi, Angels of Babylon, Valhalla…), Jay Schellen (Badfinger, Unruly Child, Hurricane, Asia…), as well as Bobby Ferkovich (Presto Ballet, Power Train, Heir Apparent, Pamela Moore Band…), have much stronger traits, which raise them up above the masses. Fans of bands such as Icon, Rough Cutt, Dokken, Malice, Ratt and Eden will simply lap up “We Rule The Night”.


  •  01. We Rule The Night / 4:29
  •  02. The Devil’s Music / 5:33
  •  03. Late Last Night / 4:35
  •  04. A Senator’s Gun / 5:28
  •  05. Long Road Home / 4:00
  •  06. Who’s Gonna Love You / 4:45
  •  07. Ready To Roll / 3:40
  •  08. Betrayal’s Kiss / 4:31
  •  09. Luck Of The Draw / 4:38
  •  10. My Dream Child / 4:16

Total playing time 46:02


  • The second album of the US band can be placed exactly between eighties scene greats such as Icon, Rough Cutt, Dokken, Malice, Ratt and Eden.
  • All of the musicians have long experience in numerous bands, amongst them Hurricane, Asia, Presto Ballet, Heir Apparent, Unruly Child, etc.
  • Brilliant reviews for their self-named debut album.
31. October 2014
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RED CIRCUIT – Haze Of Nemesis CD/DVD

Red Circuit are the perfect example of a band, whose result is the sum of its individual parts: world class vocalist plus brilliant instrumentalists equals a great band. The finely balanced mixture of technically classy power metal, refined progressive rock and a cleverly inwoven mainstream attitude, which serve to make the songs so memorable has been praised for years, and not only by the music press, but also by an ever-growing hoard of fans, who are now getting getting what they were hoping for – namely an album of musical class and high nutritional, artistic value.

The package includes a DVD featuring the band’s performance at the US Progpower XII Festival.


  •  01. Oceans Apart / 4:03
  •  02. My Lonely Heaven / 4:58
  •  03. Believing A Lie / 4:46
  •  04. Digging In The Dirt / 4:33
  •  05. My World Collides (feat. Amanda Somerville) / 3:51
  •  06. Spear Of Fate / 4:29
  •  07. Serpent’s Smile / 4:39
  •  08. Silent Roaring / 4:16
  •  09. Haze Of Nemesis / 4:42
  •  10. My Serenade / 9:39
  •  11. Soldier Of Fortune (Bonus Track) / 3:04

Total playing time 53:06


  • Finely balanced mixture of technically classy power metal, refined progressive rock and a cleverly inwoven mainstream attitude.
  • International live experience at the Progpower USA and Rock Meets Reggae Festival, a.o.
  • Incl. DVD “Live at Progpower USA XII – 2011″
  • Tremendous reviews of their previous releases.
24. October 2014
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BURNING BLACK – Remission Of Sin

Nothing actually new can be expected in this genre, the guys of BURNING BLACK told themselves, you just need to do it better than the competition. And with “Remission Of Sin” they have a particularly lucrative Ace up their sleeves, one which will immediately draw in not only the Euro-Traditionalists but also US power metal fans, as it is hovering between European and American influences and uniting the very best of the two. Excellent vocals and aggressive riffing is just as important to the band as the dressed-up-to-the-nines melody and rhythm parts, which are such recognizable parts of the BURNING BLACK sound.


  •  01. Do Lung Bridge / 1:29
  •  02. Mercenary Of War / 5:43
  •  03. Remission Of Sin / 4:36
  •  04. Flag Of Rock / 4:11
  •  05. Crucified Heart / 4:41
  •  06. Spaceman’s Theory (Instrumental) / 2:52
  •  07. Visionary In A Primitive Future / 6:44
  •  08. Love Me / 4:20
  •  09. Soulless Stone / 4:02
  •  10. Far Away / 4:59
  •  11. True Metal Jacket / 5:25

Total playing time 48:59


  • excellent, timeless power metal with superb melodies
  • for fans of Judas Priest, Hammerfall, Brainstorm, Malice
  • huge live experience from shows with U.D.O, Circle II Circle, Primal Fear, Rage, etc..
  • tremendous reviews of their previous releases
10. October 2014
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FIREFORCE – Deathbringer

“Deathbringer” is an absolutely pure Heavy Metal album with thirteen ass-kicking songs all comprising of stunning riffs, hammering drums and rounded off with neck-breaking rhythms and with a voluminous, modern production which serves to kick the songs yet further forwards. It’s an album, which gets the adrenaline rushing, with a passion manifested in every second of the music. True- and old school metalheads will be enthralled from the first to the last, that is the true verdict. – Produced by R.D. Liapakis (Jack Starr, Suicidal Angels, Steel Prophet, Crystal Tears, etc…)


  •  01. Deathbringer / 4:10
  •  02. Highland Charge / 3:55
  •  03. Combat Metal / 4:18
  •  04. Thunder Will Roll / 3:43
  •  05. To The Battle / 4:32
  •  06. Attracted To Sin And Lust / 4:01
  •  07. Words Of Hatred / 3:08
  •  08. King Of Lies / 4:35
  •  09. Aeons / 4:00
  •  10. Anubis – Lord Of The Dead / 4:18
  •  11. Sekhmet – Warrior Goddess / 3:52
  •  12. MN29 / 4:59
  •  13. Gangland (Tygers of Pan Tang Cover – Bonus) / 3:59

Total playing time 53:26




  • Powerfully produced Heavy-/Power Metal Album, which will appeal to True- as well as Old- School metal fans
  • Produced by Mystic Prophecy and Devil’s Train singer R.D. Liapakis (Jack Starr, Suicidal Angels, Steel Prophet, Crystal Tears, etc…)
  • Excellent live reputation from shows at the Prog Power Metal Festival. Live shows with Avantasia, Hell, Tygers of Pan Tang, Crimson Glory, etc…
  • Musically influenced by bands such as Tygers of Pan Tang, Mystic Prophecy, early Helloween, Running Wild, etc…
  • On KILLHAMMER Tour in October 2014 with Mystic Prophecy (see tourdates)
20. June 2014
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ANCIENT BARDS – A New Dawn Ending

The ten songs on “A New Dawn Ending”, with over seventy minutes of playing time, are perfectly balanced, excellently performed symphonic epic metal with loads of feeling and variety. Their symphonic-epic Metal is cleanly prepared, superbly played and it is apparent that ANCIENT BARDS do their work not only with fun, but also with conviction. 2014 is going to be a really successful year for the Italian symphonic metal band, because with “A New Dawn Ending” they have a true ace up their communal sleeve.


  •  01. Before The Storm / 1:39
  •  02. A Greater Purpose / 7:55
  •  03. Flaming Heart / 6:52
  •  04. Across This Life / 4:31
  •  05. In My Arms / 5:25
  •  06. The Last Resort (feat. Fabio Lione) / 6:06
  •  07. Showdown / 12:48
  •  08. In The End / 5:11
  •  09. Spiriti Liberi / 4:49
  •  10. A New Dawn Ending / 16:37

Total playing time 71:48


  • For fans of Nightwish, Rhapsody Of Fire, Epica, Delain snd Edenbridge.
  • Live shows with Turisas, White Skull, Almah, Domine, Heidevolk, Korpiklaani, Eluveitie, etc.
  • Epic-melodic, classic-bombastic arrangements packing into excellent sound.
  • Thematically high quality story together with sophisticated song writing.
  • Worldwide excellent reviews for their two previous albums.
  • Vocalist Sara Squadrani was an invited guest on Arjen Anthony Lucassen’s last studio opus.
25. April 2014
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